The Beginning:

I am starting this blog for two reasons. The first is that I want a better platform for my long form prose than Facebook. The second is that I want to force myself to write for at least 30 minutes every day, about something, anything at all. Without this outlet, crucial conversations, notions, jokes, and ideas have just floated away into the ether of my consciousness, where I imagine they get chopped up in a fan similar to the one above the Fizzy Lifting Drink in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It is my hope that this blog will allow all the thoughts that swirl around in my head to drop anchor, so that they can ultimately be integrated into my larger Being and transformed into tools I can use.

Domain: Megidda.

Eschatological traditions the world over speak of “apocalypse”, often literally taken to signify “the end of the world”. The word “apocalypse”, however, actually originally meant “revelation” (often with hallucinogenic connotations, fascinatingly), a rupture in a previous mode of conception. This is the definition that I prefer. Side note: if anybody needs convincing that idea-bearers often have an ego problem, the evolution of a term denoting the catalysis of a shift in perspective to a term denoting utter annihilation offers a pretty clear argument.

Tel Megiddo is a hill in Israel-Palestine that was the site of many ancient battles. There are many who believe that Tel Megiddo will also be the site of the future Battle of Armageddon, in which the messiah will defeat the anti-christ and the clock will start that counts down Satan’s 1000 years of confinement to the abyss and the beginning of the end of the material world. Megidda was my feminization of Tel Megiddo, initially conceived to be a girl’s name, perhaps the name of my future daughter. Now, Megidda has taken on new meaning for me. It is a warrior’s name. The name of a harbinger of apocalypses and a revealer of truths.

Revealing truths is what writing does for me. It helps me make my thoughts concrete and tangible so that I can work with them. In conversations with others, words become the tools we use to co-create reality. They are a source of conceptual alchemy, dictating what has been and what will be possible. The domain name of this blog is Megidda because it is my hope that it will be a site where words beget revelation.

May we all have daily apocalypses as we journey closer to our truth.


One thought on “The Beginning:

  1. Thomas says:

    I like the image of thoughts swirling in our heads, I too experience this, and like to write so that my thoughts aren’t lost. However, to reduce the amount of craziness I feel so that I won’t forget something, I believe that once I’ve brought a thought into my mind, it will never disappear. Of course, I don’t have perfect recall, but dreams, life, and conversations bring back to the front of my mind ideas that I think have slipped by. I am amazed by my own consciousness for this reason, but further amazed by collective consciousness and challenging each other in order to move forward.

    I loved learning about Tel Megiddo in a religion class I took last year. And I like your feminization of the word. The character you describe reminds me of another challenger in the same religious text: Ha Satan. “The name of a harbinger of apocalypses and a revealer of truths.” is similar to me to what wikipedia says is “the accuser” or “the adversary”… I’m not a huge fan of this translation of “satan” because it doesn’t reflect to me the original purpose of questioning that ha satan represented in whatever book it was (I forget, sorry. I’m not a super huge religious scholar and I also don’t know very much hebrew, so maybe that’s a really good translation, but whatever). But in the most positive way without all cultural attachments of satan=devil=bad, I mean to say that we can all stand to benefit from a little challenging giving way to apocalypses.


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